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Hainanese Chicken Rice Honest Food Talks

Hainanese Chicken Rice, Easy 5 Step Recipe

Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of Singapore's most famous dishes and is a must-order dish…

Ramen Noodles, a Guide to the Popularised Japanese Dish

We explore the origin of ramen noodles, the different types, and breakdown the key components…

Uni from Shakotan and fresh salmon roe with gold flakes from Robata Naniwatei Niseko.

Robata Niseko Naniwatei, a Theatrical Dining Experience

Positioned just minutes away from the busy Hirafu village, check out Robata Niseko Naniwatei for…

Taste Farm Fresh Produce at Prativo

Located away from the crowds, Prativo is a small Italian restaurant in Niseko, Japan. It…