Editor at Honest Food Talks. Combining her passion for food, languages, and adventure, she has travelled to some of Asia's most rural locations. She will order the weirdest sounding dish on the menu (and will do a lot in the name of food!). A polyglot, snowboarder and gourmet lover at heart.

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Road Trip to Wakkanai, Rishiri and Rebun Island

Find out what it’s really like to embark on a crazy 10 hour road trip…

An Dining Dessert

An Dining, a Farm to Fork Concept Restaurant

Taking a closer look at Niseko’s famed restaurant, An Dining and it’s chef owner Shinichi…


Benizakura Distillery – Taste the Botanicals

Benizakura Distillery in Hokkaido has created the region’s first craft gin, ‘9148’. The following article…


Coming Home to Cafe Nupuri

Feel at home delves into Cafe Nupuri, a small offbeat cafe located in Niseko Station.…