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Best Halal Restaurants in London

Best Halal Restaurants in London

Best Halal Restaurants london

Halal restaurants in London are definitely on the rise in numbers as well as diversity in recent years. With the growing Muslim population in the metropolitan city, many restaurants are now offering halal food to patrons in London.

Apart from the native Middle Eastern and Indian restaurants, we now observe Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine eateries offering halal options too.

You can now find American and British burger joints, as well as steak houses providing Muslim-friendly menu items. If you are craving for Asian food, many Chinese, Japanese and south-east Asian restaurants cater to halal food. Ranging from small old-timer Kebab shops to fancy dine-in restaurants, there are plenty of choices to fill up your gastronomic calendar for 2021.

Here are the best halal restaurants in London.

Disclaimer: All of the restaurants listed below serve halal options in their food menu. However, they may not be fully halal certified. For example, some of their menu items may still include alcohol and non-halal options. We wrote this article on the intention of providing our Muslim readers more options for them to consider. The information regarding their halal status is based on information found online. If you would like to have further confirmation, we would recommend you to contact the respective restaurants.

Halal Guys

We begin our list with the famous Halal Guys who have arrived in London. They started in 1990 as a humble street stall in New York that sold wraps to Muslim Taxi Drivers. Three decades later they are now a successful business selling authentic American halal food.

The Halal Guys are renowned for their platters of chicken and gyro over rice. They bring the same recipe they used in New York to serve patrons here in London. All their food items are halal and they do not serve alcohol. Similar to how they started, these restaurateurs remain loyal to their quick grab-and-go concept.

The beef gyro can be eaten as a platter with rice, or as a pita wrap sandwich. Just like any classic kebab shop, you have the choice of the garlic and chilli sauce. However, the differentiator for the Halal Guys is their house sauce which we recommend trying. If you are not craving for beef, they have their chicken or vegetarian falafel options too. Perhaps do not bring your date here for the first date, but surely visit the Halal Guys in any of the consecutive dates in London!

The Halal Guys
163-165 Earls Ct Rd, Earl’s Court, London SW5 9RF


Dishoom is definitely one of the best halal restaurants in London. They not only provide an all-day halal menu, but the meat they serve (both lamb and chicken) comes from certified halal suppliers. But the reason that customers keep coming back is because of the amazing gastronomical experience they provide. 

Combining both Iranian and Indian food heritage into one melting pot, Dishoom does fusion food right. They encapsulate the fusion experience on their plates as well as in the beautiful setting that each branch of theirs have. Dishoom is a great place to include your personal halal food guide.

We would recommend their Murgh Malai and Spicy Lamb Chops. Both are overnight marinated meat dishes which are full of deep flavours. For a vegetarian dish, their signature House Black Daal is one you will not want to miss. If you come to visit during breakfast, The Big Bombay is a platter that will make waking up early worth it. Did we mention? Their delicious house chai is also free-flow!

Dishoom Shoreditch
7 Boundary St, Hackney, London E2 7JE

Chai Ki

Located in the Canary Wharf Shopping Centre, Chai Ki is a great restaurant to eat ‘modern Indian soul food’. Divided into two sections, Chai Ki hosts patrons who want to sit down and dine-in, as well as those who prefer to have a quick bite over drinks. The chicken in Chai-Ki is halal, however they do serve alcohol for their general patrons.

Within their menu, they fuse Indo-Chinese elements to their Indian dishes. A customer favourite is their Burnt Chilli Chicken. This is stir fry chicken dish with peppers and spring onions that are cooked with Szechuan sauce. Their Koliwada Calamari which is fried with curry leaves and cane sugar would be a delicious addition to your dinner platter. 

If you are looking for a more classic dish, their Old Delhi Chicken Biryani is the one to go for. Combine that with their vegetarian Dakshini Korma, you are set for a happy meal. The pistachio Kulfi (ice cream) would make it a perfect ending to your meal. So, do not forget to add Chai Ki to your list of best halal restaurants in London!

Chai Ki
Crossrail Pl, London E14 5AR

Eat Tokyo

Craving for halal sushi in London? Then Eat Tokyo in Soho is the restaurant to go to. Eat Tokyo serves authentic Japanese meals at affordable prices and with generous portions. In addition to that, the chicken they serve here is halal! It is no wonder that this restaurant receives consistently large patron traffic every week. 

Eat Tokyo boasts a wide range of Japanese food items. They serve sashimi platters for sharing and fresh nigiri sushi as a set meal. They may choose to sit at the sushi bar to observe your platter prepared by expert sushi chefs. your very eyes! Eat Tokyo also serves deep-fried vegetarian and seafood tempura, which pairs really well with Japanese traditional noodle dishes. They have both soba buckwheat or udon noodles.

For halal food options, there are plenty to choose from. Chicken teriyaki bento and chicken katsu curry are part of their broad menu. Furthermore, they also cater for customers who would like more modern fusion Japanese dishes. True to the style of restaurants in Japan, Eat Tokyo also has seasonal menu items which utilises seasonal ingredients. All the more reason to visit this amazing restaurant more frequently! 

The Eat Tokyo restaurant is one branch of a larger group of Japanese restaurants. There are over seven different Eat Tokyo branches across London.

Eat Tokyo (Soho)
16 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4TL

Roti King

Located in a small shop in Euston, Roti King boasts fame for its Malaysian roti canai dish. This humble shop contends to be one of the best halal restaurants in London. Serving Malaysian food of diverse choices, the food prepared here is halal in its entirety. The only thing you need to worry about is the queue to get in. 

Famous for its freshly made roti canai, you can choose to have it with any of their vegan, vegetarian or meat curries. For their meat curries, they serve chicken, mutton and fish curries. If you do not feel like eating roti canai, we would recommend you try their char kuey teow. It is a stir-fried flat rice noodles dish that is cooked to wok hei perfection with eggs, prawns and chicken.

You may also go for their Malaysian rice dishes. They have the Malaysian national dish, Nasi Lemak which is served with spiced fried chicken. Beef Rendang is also on the menu at Roti King for you to eat together with steamed coconut rice. To finish off, this must-add restaurant in your halal food guide serves Kopi Putih. This translates to Malaysian White Coffee. Served with condensed milk, this drink acts as a sweet finish to complete your meal.

Roti King
40 Doric Way, Somers Town, London NW1 1LH

The Great Chase

The Great Chase is a wonderful Western cuisine restaurant that is fully halal. They are one of the few restaurants in London that serve prime tasting halal steak. Everything served here is halal and there is no alcohol served. They have a bar in the restaurant that specialises in preparing alcohol-free cocktails. 

The restaurant prepares both Angus Sirloin steak as well as Angus ribeye steak. Both of them are halal steaks sourced from a fully certified provider. If you are not craving for beef, then they also serve chicken, seafood and vegetarian options. The Great Chase also offers a Weekend Roast menu that includes an amazing slow-roast Lancashire lamb shank.

Described as an exquisite fine eating and dry bar, the Great Chase is a great place for intimate gatherings. The atmosphere here is tuned for chill and relaxing gastronomic sessions for families, friends and lovers. However, as seatings are limited, we recommend you make advanced reservations.

The Great Chase
316 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4NT


Tanakatsu is a must-try Japanese restaurant in London that serves halal food. If you are craving chicken katsu curry, then you should immediately reserve to eat here. The chicken served here is halal, however, they serve pork and alcohol.

True to its name, Tanakatsu serves an array of katsu dishes ranging from the evergreen chicken katsu curry and chicken katsu don, prawn and fish katsu set meals, to vegan-friendly pumpkin croquette curry. The lightness of the katsu crumb paired with the wholesome umami-filled protein of choice will be ingrained in your memory once you have your first Tanakatsu experience.

Though slightly on the pricier side of katsu curry meals compared to the likes of places like Eat Tokyo, the value you get is worth more than the pounds paid. The meals are served with a side salad served with their own blend of citrus-based ponzu sauce. If you would like, you may also add halal sushi as part of your meal in this London Japanese restaurant. It is then completed with a warm after-meal green tea to clean your palette. 

The chicken served here is halal, however, they serve pork and alcohol. If you are alright with these conditions, we would like to make a strong recommendation that you book a visit to Tanakatsu on Wakley St! This is by far one of the best Japanese katsu houses in London.

10 Wakley St, The Angel, London EC1V 7LT


Cocochan is a halal Chinese restaurant that serves Muslim-friendly dim sum. With over ten different choices of dim sum, this cute eatery is a must-visit within your halal food guide. Located in Marylebone, this restaurant describes itself as a contemporary Pan Asian restaurant in London.

This restaurant is designed beautifully to enhance the eating experience of its customers. With flowery ornaments and candle-lit tables in a pinkish setting, the restaurant is a popular one among Instagrammers. However, that does not discount the flavourful dishes served here at Cocochan.

The prawn and chive dumplings, chicken gyoza and mushroom dumplings are classic dim sum choices to try here. Otherwise, you may also try their freshly prepared sushi and sashimi options. Cooked mains are also part of their menu with items like grilled salmon teriyaki and miso black cod for sharing.

38-40 James St, Marylebone, London W1U 1EU

The Meat Co.

The Meat Co. is a halal steak restaurant in Westfield London at Shepherd’s Bush. As the London outpost of a global steakhouse from South Africa, this restaurant is a popular one among Muslims in the city. The restaurant boasts a loyal following of customers who keep returning for their delicious steak.

Apart from ribeye and sirloin steaks, The Meat Co. provides Tomahawk steak as well as prime Wagyu steak. Prepared in various ways, the speciality of this halal restaurant lies within their African heritage. They serve non-steak menu items such as halal burgers and seafood platters too.

For a proper steakhouse experience, we would recommend that you go visit The Meat Co. As the restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush is quite large, seating is usually available. If you are coming to eat with a large group, we would recommend booking in advance. This restaurant is also a favourite among their patrons as the place to celebrate special occasions.

The Meat Co’s (Shepherd’s Bush)
Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 7GA


Listed as one of the best Malaysian restaurants in London, Tukdin takes a spot in our best halal restaurants in London too. Started and run by a Malaysian Muslim family, Tukdin’s food menu is fully halal. This homey restaurant on Craven Rd, Bayswater serves authentic Malaysian food. 

When you visit, expect to see their loyal Malaysian food enthusiasts that often frequent the restaurant. Comfortable and casual, this restaurant is a great place to relax and unwind while you enjoy a scrumptious meal. Whether you are familiar with Malaysian cuisine or a first-timer, you definitely have to add this halal restaurant in your checklist.

The nasi lemak here is a wholesome meal that we recommend. It is made of rice cooked with coconut milk, sweet and spicy sambal (Malay-style chilli jam), breaded fried chicken thighs, plump boiled eggs, sliced cucumbers, roasted peanuts and crispy fried anchovies on the side. On Sundays, Tukdin serves Sunday-special Hainanese chicken rice that you may want to plan for. For those not looking to eat rice dishes, the curry laksa and char kuey teow served here are also great choices which are worth a revisit for. If you are looking to share side dishes, the beef rendang and chicken satay are perfect additions to the sharing table.

41 Craven Rd, Bayswater, London W2 3BX

Taza Kebab House

Started by a few humble guys wanting to serve halal kebab, Taza Kebab House has grown to become a popular food destination among Muslims in West London. If you search for them on Google Maps, the first thing you will see is the beautiful meaty goodness that is their chicken doner. A small halal food shop located on Church St. in Marylebone, the queue into Taza Kebab seems to grow longer the later it is during the day, reaching peak traffic between dinner and late-night supper times. 

Taza Kebab House serves their own rendition of chicken, lamb or mix doners, wraps, shish and more. Their juicy doner meat is topped with their special house sauce. Before passing it to the hungry customer, they toast the pita or wrap a second time to add that extra crispiness. Additionally, Taza Kebab has an all-you-can-eat salad bar if you dine-in.

This place is especially popular among Muslim students due to its low prices and free-flow salads. Though sold at an affordable price, they do not skimp on quality. This humble Lebanese and Persian restaurant contends to becoming one of the tastiest kebab eateries in London! As the shop is not large, be prepared to take away or eat outside the shop area. Don’t worry – there will be loads of other happy patrons doing the same! The meat served here are all halal and Muslim-friendly.

Taza Takeaway Kebab House
35A Queensway, Bayswater, London W2 4QJ

Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte is a Japanese Peruvian restaurant that is a must-try for patrons wanting a fine dining halal food experience. Led by executive chef, Jordan Sclare, this restaurant serves halal meat which includes chicken, beef and lamb. Chotto Matte maintains its serving of pork and alcohol.

Located in Soho, Chotto Matte focuses on providing each and every one of its customers with a holistically satisfying experience. Their fine-tuned menu is a colourful one. It ranges from Harajuku brunch set meals and sharing platters, to ala carte fusion dishes including Robata grills, sushi, sashimi, tempura and more. On weekdays, they offer bento boxes during lunchtime. These bento boxes include a variety of chef-selected premium dishes. 

As a Japanese restaurant that has halal options, Chotto Matte is definitely one worth visiting. We recommend you to consider Chotto Matte as an exquisite addition to your halal restaurant list in London.

Chotto Matte
11 – 13 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 4RB

Meat Liquor

Located in Shoreditch, Meat Liquor is an awesome restaurant to go to get halal burgers in London. The chicken prepared here is halal, but the beef served here is not. As a restaurant that focuses on cooking burgers right, Meat Liquor is the place to visit to satiate your burger cravings.

On weekdays, Meat Liquor provides a lunch set that includes one burger of choice, fries and free-flow soft drink for just £10 a set. Among their halal chicken burgers, we would recommend the Tower Block Burger. It consists of a juicy fried chicken breast topped with hash brown, cheese, jalapenos and slaw. If you come in a group, we highly recommend ordering the Monkey Fingers to share. They are battered strips of chicken breast slathered in buffalo sauce which you dip into blue cheese to eat.

As a burger joint in Shoreditch, the atmosphere of Meat Liquor embodies the hip vibe of the area. With good classic rock music in the background, this restaurant is a cool place to visit with friends to chill while enjoying their halal burgers.

Chotto Matte
11 – 13 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 4RB

C&R Cafe Restaurant

C&R Cafe Restaurant is one restaurant in Chinatown, London that serves delicious halal Chinese food. Run by Chinese Malaysians in London, the restaurant has a loyal customer following that keeps growing. Though they serve pork and alcohol, the chicken and lamb dishes served here are halal.

With a simplistic interior for their restaurant, C&R Cafe Restaurants proves their popularity by the tastiness of the meals they serve to their customers. The Hainanese chicken rice prepared here is particularly flavourful and competes to be one of the best ones in Chinatown. We also recommend the Ipoh Ho Fun which is a rice noodle dish that is prepared with poached chicken, beansprout and their homemade soy sauce. 

If you are looking for more spicy options, their Nasi Goreng Mamak is the one to try. It is a fried rice dish prepared with lamb, curry leaves and curry powder that would give you the spicy kick you are looking for. Many of the Malaysian style dishes offered by C&R Cafe Restaurant are full of tasty goodness. Do not forget to add them to your halal food guide in London.

C&R Cafe Restaurant
4 Rupert Ct, London W1D 6DZ

Best Halal Restaurants in London

With so many halal food options in the capital city, here’s our list to summarise the top places to go to:

  1. Halal Guys
  2. Dishoom
  3. Chai Ki
  4. Eat Tokyo
  5. Roti King
  6. The Great Chase
  7. Tanakatsu
  8. Cocochan
  9. The Meat Co.
  10. Tukdin
  11. Taza Kebab House
  12. Chotto Matte
  13. Meat Liquor
  14. C&R Cafe Restaurant

Think we missed your favourite halal restaurant in town? Let us know by dropping an email to

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