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Taste Farm Fresh Produce at Prativo



Taste Farm Fresh Produce at Prativo

Located away from the crowds, Prativo is a small Italian restaurant in Niseko, Japan. It is one of the most popular destinations amongst travellers coming from mainland Japan. This is because of the eatery’s beautiful view of Mt Yotei and healthy dishes.

Despite the restaurant’s fame within Japan, it is largely unknown to international tourists.

Prativo, which means “large hayfields” in Italian was founded by Mr Takashi to convey an image of Hokkaido to diners. The restaurant is located on Takahasi Farm alongside Milk Kobo and Mandraino. The same owner opened both of these eateries a few years ago.

Restaurant Hall Manager, Minoru Endou has worked at the restaurant and Takahashi farm for over five years. He sheds light on the restaurant’s meaning as “large hayfield”.

Within Prativo, a undisrupted view of Mt Yotei on a clear day.
Within Prativo, a undisrupted view of Mt Yotei on a clear day.

“Hokkaido equals vast land, fresh air, delicious dairy and delicious vegetables. You can find that here in Prativo, with an expansive view of Mt Yotei whilst tasting fresh Hokkaido vegetables and dairy produce,” Endou states.

Prativo’s interior design is specifically crafted for diners that is to say they can enjoy impressive views of Mt Yotei. All, while eating their meal.

Fresh Local Produce at Prativo

The restaurant is most popular for its plant-based all-you-can-eat lunch buffet served with a main dish. The restaurant prides itself on its extensive use of milk collected daily from the restaurant’s nearby farm. Above all, their use of fresh locally grown vegetables.

The culinary chefs at Prativo make each dish with a mission to emphasise the raw natural flavours of local produce. The chefs use simplistic cooking techniques and very little flavouring. For example, the chefs will only lightly frying Hokkaido chives to bring out the natural strong garlic smell in the vegetable dish.

Prativo's all-you-can-eat vegeterian buffet.
Prativo’s all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet. Photo Credit: Prativo

As for the mains and the accompanying sauce, these often vary depending on seasonal produce. However, some of the mains in the summer season have included roast pork with fruits sauce and poached scallop. Other alternatives have included minced shrimp & tuna pasta, with tomato sauce as well as minced meat & mustard spinach pasta, with olive oil.

The restaurant is able to make the main dishes entirely vegetarian for guests with dietary requirements, by request.

Despite the fact that their popular vegetarian buffet is only available during lunch hours, Prativo has a large range of a la carte options during dinner hours.

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