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食话食说 (Shí huà shí shuō)
- To talk truthfully about food.

A play on words on the Chinese idiom, 实话实说 (Tell it like it is)

Honest Food Talks is a concept founded in 2018 upon discovering the lack of a central portal for in-depth English reviews of local restaurants in Hokkaido, Japan. This is also prevalent across several regions of Asia including Taipei, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur. Here, we found that the English language directory and reviews of local restaurants were inadequate or bias towards large, international food franchises.


Our mission at Honest Food Talks

Created by foodies for fellow foodies, we set out this online portal with three aims; to increase coverage of local hidden gems, provide frank reviews and source the most authentic recipes.

Honest Food Talks researches into the latest food trends and local delicacies. Our dedicated team writes and edits in-depth reviews of restaurants, cafes, and bars that we find intriguing (and hope you do too).


But most importantly, we never mince our words or shy away from our honest opinion about a particular place; whether it is good or bad. It is our motto to talk truthfully about food, 食话食说 (Shí huà shí shuō).


Who are we?

Our core team of international writers is located in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the UK. All with the same aim to give our readers the best food and drinks recommendations. Find out more about our team and how to join us.


Join our community

To give back to the community, we aim to give exposure to lesser-known restaurants. Above all, we want to provide a platform for fellow foodies to express their views and write about the topics they love most, food!

Finally, we sincerely hope, that as our community of globetrotting foodies grows, we will feature more restaurants, recipes, and guides on our online portal.


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