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Abigail Edwards

Editor at Honest Food Talks.

Honest Food Talks

Created by Foodies for Foodies. Some of us like to stay anonymous. Our core team of international writers is located in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the UK. We have the same aim to give our readers the best food and drink recommendations. Find out more about us here.

Adriana Matak

My name is Adriana Matak. I’m a London based blogger writing about travels, luxury dining, lifestyle, and journey through addiction recovery. Over the years, I have been published on Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, Jetset Times, Tiny Buddha and Rebelle Society.

Aileen Duffek

My name is Aileen. Born and raised on the island of Kauai in Hawaii and now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up with the influences of my Asian Filipino heritage and the culture of Hawaii. One of my passions are cooking and baking. I enjoy being a Foodie influencer blogging mostly about food & cocktails. I am a kidney transplant survivor who just enjoys LIFE itself. I am an entrepreneur where I have a personal shopping/assistant business and marketing business. Also, a mother of two grown adult men.

Akshita Pacholi

Akshita Pacholi has accomplished Master degree in English Literature and presently is working as a content writer with Allied Market Research. She loves reading, writing short stories, poems, and blogs. She is a selective sports’ admirer.

Baileey Wong

I love cooking as I feel food brings people together! I started this YouTube channel during lockdown as I was getting really bored and was not productive with my time so wanted to improve my skills.

Chloe Wong

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Chloe is a London based Instagram influencer.  She shares her travels and the shenanigans in her life through her blog Travelling in Pink! Travelling in Pink is a travel blog focusing on all things travel-related, social issues and eco travelling. Obsessed with cats, wine, travel, food and flamingos. Follow her adventures on her social media outlets!

David Chu

I was and raised in London to Vietnamese-Chinese parents and ever since I was 11, I dreamt about of running my own food business. Then in 2014, I started up Carrots & Daikon a Vietnamese deli shop in London selling homemade Vietnamese food with my two best friends and family and the rest is history.

John Sinden

Editor at Honest Food Talks.

Katrina Au


Nyasha Oliver

Nyasha is a British-Caribbean who runs the spicy food website Nyam with Ny, for other enthusiasts like herself to discover more spicy cravings. She can be found either travelling and trying new tasty dishes or recreating favourites in the kitchen. When Nyasha is not obsessed with food, she enjoys writing, dining out and playing video games.


Editor at Honest Food Talks. Combining her passion for food, languages, and adventure, she has travelled to some of Asia's most rural locations. She will order the weirdest sounding dish on the menu (and will do a lot in the name of food!). A polyglot, snowboarder and gourmet lover at heart.

Lagom Eats

Hey everyone, I’m Sav! Lagom Eats is designed to be a one-stop site for home cooks like myself to learn yummy recipes and have step-by-step videos to guide them along the way! Follow my YouTube channel to learn how to cook new delicious dishes each week!

Shuya Araya

Japanese born, Singapore bred foodie with a passion for all things food and urban planning. Having studied in the UK for extensive years, Shuya Araya is bi-lingual in English and Japanese. With previous experience in marketing, hospitality and city planning, Shuya now works full time in development and design but still enjoys finding a good spot to eat and drink at on the weekends.

Swamini Kulkarni

Swamini Kulkarni holds a bachelor's degree in Instrumentation and control engineering from Pune University and works as a content writer at Allied Market Research. She is deeply fascinated by the impact of technology on human life and loves to talk about science and mythology. When she is not glued to the computer, she loves to read, travel and daydream about her areas of interest.

Yana Milcheva

Check out Yana's journey as a new Londoner, experiencing exciting flavours and new places. 🙌🏻💫 London based Instagram influencer.