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Quick KFC Chicken and Rice Recipes

Quick KFC Chicken and Rice Recipes

KFC chicken rice cooker

In late 2019, a Japanese KFC chicken and rice recipe surfaced the internet and began trending on twitter. People started putting KFC pieces into a rice cooker and absolutely loved the outcome. Like always, we tried out the internet hype so you didn’t have to. But where did all this start?

KFC in Japan

KFC in Japan enjoys a surge in sales during the Christmas season due to a successful marketing campaign in 1974. At the time, it was difficult for foreigners to buy a turkey in Japanese supermarkets for Christmas. With a growing interest in traditional western Christmas dinner in Japan, marketers saw it as an opportunity to capitalize on this. Watch the commercial from 1989:

A Japanese KFC Christmas Commercial in 1989.

Takeshi Okwara, who later became the CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan claims credit for coming up with the idea. You can read more about the origin story here. Since then, KFC has been strongly associated with the Christmas holidays, cementing its seat in Japan’s fast-food industry.

Japanese KFC Rice Cooker Hack

But let’s get back to the Japanese KFC chicken and rice recipe. It does sound strange to cook KFC in a rice cooker for a few reasons. First of all, its the association most people have with a rice cooker. Typically, Asian households will use a rice cooker for cooking rice or congee to go alongside other Asian dishes. Secondly, putting something that’s cooked (KFC) with something that’s raw (rice) doesn’t seem like the latter will cook properly. Finally, KFC uses spices like black pepper and paprika which you usually wouldn’t find in large quantities any Asian rice dishes.

Despite our doubts, we gave it a try and we’re glad we did. We can confirm, this Japanese rice cooker hack is legit. Finally, KFC rice at home is no longer a dream. Here’s one of the best chicken and rice recipe & our review.

KFC Chicken and Rice Recipes


  • KFC Chicken (1 piece)
  • Rice (1 Cup)
  • Chicken Stock (1 cube)
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • Soy Sauce (1 Tbsp)
  • Spring Onion (optional)
  • Pork (optional)

Time Needed : 30 minutes

How to cook KFC chicken and rice in a rice cooker. Learn how to spice up chicken and rice in just four simple steps. This recipe is for 2 – 3 people.

  1. Wash the rice

    Wash and rinse 1 cup of rice in the rice cooker. Place this aside for later.white-rice-cooker

  2. Add chicken stock

    Add 1 cup of water (250ml) to 1 tablespoon of chicken stock powder and 1 tablespoon of soy sauce. Mix well. Add this to the rice cooker until it covers the rice or up until the 1 cup mark inside the rice cooker.

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  3. Add KFC chicken

    Place the KFC chicken in the middle of the rice cooker and add black pepper.

    Add the optional ingredients, such as spring onion or roast pork.KFC chicken rice cooker

  4. Turn the rice cooker on

    Turn the rice cooker on and wait for 30 minutes (depending on your rice cooker settings). Once cooked, shred the KFC chicken in the rice cooker. Mix well and serve. chicken-and-rice

Review of KFC Chicken Rice

Straight out of the rice cooker, that familiar smell of KFC comes wafting in the air. The chicken is a lot more tender and moist after being cooked for the second time in a rice cooker. In addition, the rice absorbs the flavours from the chicken stock and KFC chicken, adding to its natural aroma. Definitely, an easy way to cook up a delicious dinner at home!

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